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Worth Flipping Calculator is a tool for property flippers to check the profitability of their potential next flip.

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A product of Insula Capital Group, our “Worth Flipping Calculator” is a tool for property flippers to check the profitability of their potential next flip. Whether you are thinking of purchasing a property and aren’t sure what your return on investment will be, or you’re budgeting out your construction costs, feel free to use our calculator! We do not share your personal information with any third parties. Results are displayed on-site; however, you can enter your email address to have the economics of your deal emailed to you directly!

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Here’s just a few of our recent Fix & Flip Project!

Fix & Flip Financing

Need to make a quick return on your real estate investment in New York with private financing?

Look no further. Our Fix & Flip Loan Financing Program is lightning fast with an easy application, inspection, and closing process.

Each fix and flip funding loan is tailored to fit each of our client’s individual needs. Real estate financing approvals are issued within 24-hours and most of our fix and flip hard money lenders loan funds in 5 days or less.

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